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The Concierge Desk


Welcome to The Boomer Gazette Concierge desk. 

We are now your first point of contact, between you and any business you are looking for. Wherever you are in we could help you find a most professional business.

And if you are in California we have great business relationships with many businesses in Northern and Southern California.

Think about us as you go to for everything. We have vetted our businesses through Getting to know them on a personal basis, working in workshops with them, speaking directly with them, using their products, talking to referrals and reviewing their feedback. We especially treasure our community leaders who have invested time in being a senior friendly business. The business is that we referred to you believe that seniors or do you the respect and reference they have earned.

No matter how large or how small their business is we can help you with matching you up to what you need.


Welcome to The Boomer Gazette Concierge desk. 
Your complimentary service is here. Please note we will be referring you to Boomer Gazette affiliates, local business leaders, and businesses. 

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Topics to Ask

  • Anything Shopping related

  • How to create your own Boomer or Senior business

  • What kind of Yoga is best for Boomers

  • Where can i find news for Boomers

  • Where to buy the best pet food and toys for a Boomer

  • Where are the best deals on clothing

  • Where to find the best toys for the grandkids?

  • Where can i buy coffee machine

  • Where is the Best food delivery service

  • Where to get the best aromatherapy

  • Where do I find the best coffee and tea 

  • Where do I shop for the best clothes at the least expensive price

  • What kind of Gift do Boomers crave?

  • and much more...


We do not offer any medical advice so please always talk to your Doctor or Health professional. Thank you

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