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The number one goal is to be in the best prime goal is to educate Seniors and Boomers with healthy lifestyle changes. 


Our program is designed to each individual's unique circumstances.

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Wellness section


Healthy life management, living longer and aging beautifully, now

all go hand-in-hand.

Having a healthy mindfulness

plan that’s customized and designed especially for you. 

In addition to our esteemed recommendation can be the start of a winning journey.

Add to you caling journey delightful essential oils that can calm your mind and soul. Great Yoga accessories and meditation online.

Every product and every business on these pages have been pre-screened

by The Boomer Gazette.


We are living better, living longer and knowing where to find best people to help with our needs.

Each and every one of our Health and Wellness businesses are experts in their field.


Our companies and affiliates know that Boomers and Seniors are the customers they look to provide special services tailored to their needs.


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Plant Therapy    

Plant Therapy launched in 2011, by founder Chris Jones.

  • Kid-safe Essential Oils: Synergies, singles, aroma plush, organic, and pre-diluted roll-ons.

  • Body Care: Same therapeutic scents are available in carrier oils, lotions, creams, butters, and aloe jellies to soothe skin.

  • For Men:  Beard balm, beard oil, and organic healing balm help to maintain facial hair and skin.

  • Sets: Essential oil sets and kid-safe oil sets available for deeper discounts.

  • Accessories: Diffusers, carrying cases, and packaging like roll-on and spray bottles.


Coming Soon...BoomerRenew

Your own personal Stylist for all your go to Boomer Beauty and Health.


We can help you succeed with weight management, head to toe makeover, Senior safe yoga, meditation, and getting healthy. 


Our online sessions and designed programs can make you feel good and look great, inside and out. 


Our approach is that good health keeps us well into our prime. 

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 Most Supplements Sold Online Are Not 3rd Party Tested! This is a dirty secret that many supplement sellers don't want you to know that their products are Not independently 3rd party tested outside of their own facilities. Why? Because it's an extra out of pocket expense to conduct 3rd party testing and most companies will not sacrifice their profit. But Not Peak Performance. They are committed to the Highest Standards for your safety.


Not to mention they have over 400,000 Happy Customers AND a 1-for-1 Donation To Vitamin Angels. For every unit you purchase, through their partnership with the nonprofit Vitamin Angels, they will supply a child at risk of malnutrition with vitamins for 1 year! So we thank you for helping continue this great cause!

TBG top choice

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Special offers for boomers

$500 Off 4 or more veneers

$300 of an implant

Complimentary new patient exam

All offers apply to patients with no insurance only


Use code

when you call to book your appointment

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Natural Wellbeing

Natural Wellbeing offers effective wellness support for women through premium, plant-based supplements. These herbal formulas are designed by women, empowering women to reconnect with optimal health and wellbeing. Our team of experts have formulated our natural remedies with powerful herbs, roots, and medicinal mushrooms to support issues like menopause, stress, low libido, hair loss, and more!

Healing Natural Oils

Skip the drugstore and the chemicals. Healing Natural Oils provides essential and precious oil blends for specific aliments common with Boomers.

Their products are backed by a 90 day guarantee and made in the USA.

Fit Lifestyle Box is a Veteran Owned subscription box company.  Every month, Fit Lifestyle Box delivers a box filled with motivation to help get your fitness life onto the path of success.  In every box, a subscriber will receive a full size product, healthy snacks, supplement samples, workout challenges, and more.  

Fit Lifestyle Box was founded in 2016 because there were not any awesome subscription boxes out there at a fair enough price that supplied what Fit Lifestyle box provides.  Since the founder is a proud Veteran he thought that it was important to make that stand out to our subscribers, so that is why you will see Veteran Owned and Operated on all the Fit Lifestyle Boxes. We have multiple subscription options and purchases to meet your goals on our website.

If this sounds absolutely amazing to you then go visit our website: and sign up. Oh, one more thing, we have to hook you up on your first order. Use this coupon code at checkout and get 20% off

Coupon Code: BOOMER

Stay Fit


Joy Organics 

Plant Therapy launched in 2011, by founder Chris Jones.

CBD has a variety of benefits by promoting what is scientifically known as homeostasis, and commonly known as balance, within the body.


Environmental stressors and aging can throw our health off-balance, resulting in issues that may prevent us from living fully. Many senior citizens take CBD to support muscles and joints, to promote a restful night's sleep, and to maintain their overall health 

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Health and well-being


While some Boomers face challenges with their health, making small changes to your lifestyle could lead to a better life.

Whether it’s eliminating sugar, creating delightful smoothies, starting to exercise, sleeping better, and so much more... 

...our community

is here for you...