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The Boomer Gazette TopShop

Splurge, Spree, Shop...every day
The Boomer Gazette presents to you every month products and services with additional discounts and savings. Higher Quality for less... Much More Bang for the Buck, all tested and highly recommended and referred. 
This February
we showcase 3 of our favorite incredible services.
All three are Topshop and we thank the owners,

J.R and Sylvia, Cindy and Bill, Lorenzo, 
for their generosity to our customers
for providing such great savings. 
Thank you to our friends at Grateful Earth for this incredible special.
Your February Offerings...
17922 Gothard St #B1
Huntington Beach, California 92647

Welcome to Fair Auto


Fair Auto has state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment available to service your vehicle. Our shop has all the necessary programs to check websites for the most recent service bulletins and recalls concerning your car.

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