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Boomers and the Pandemic: How to come back to your “new normal”


Many people are dividing their lives into two very separate chapters- “Before Covid” and “Emerging out of Covid” The pandemic has altered some element of everyone’s lives.


No one is more ready for this turning of a new chapter than boomers are! In fact, research shows that boomers weathered the pandemic’s psychological challenges better than younger generations! Boomers have always been agents of change. It took the pandemic to create more free time to assess our lives and choose new priorities. During Covid, many discovered that happiness is not just about knowing what youwant in your life, it involved realizingwhat you DO NOT want in your life anymore.


The many optimists among boomers have a renewal of confidence in the future and the new excitement about living that is emerging. People realized there was a better way to live all along. So, what happens next?


Three tips for coming into your new normal:


1. Get out and into fresh air:

Getting outside and experiencing fresh air can help improve both mental and physical health. It makes us feel happier and more centered. It’s an easy way to take some baby steps to improve wellbeing.


2. Reconnect with the community:

Engaging in meaningful, productive activities with others helps give a sense of purpose. Helping others through volunteering can assist with feeling less lonely and gives a sense of mission and purpose in life, which is linked to better health. Consider volunteering at an animal shelter. Helping animals in their time of need can give comfort and lower stress and blood pressure.


3. Find an activity that you enjoy:

Get out and discover your local programs. Restart a former hobby or take a class to learn something new. You will meet other people with similar interests and learn something at the same time.  Check out resources and programs at your local community and senior centers, and public libraries.


After two years of pent-up dreams and desires, boomers are rethinking their purpose and what makes them happy. This is an INCREDIBLE time for new energy and fresh perspectives! What new step are you going to take?

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