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Adopt your new fur baby. So many pups and kitties are ready to be adopted.

Try going online before you make that trip to the shelter. Its fast and easy to research in their directory, which pet would be your perfect fit.

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Owning a pet as a Boomer is a wonderful pairing for the pet and the new owner.


Pets provide health benefits to their owners, and in return, Boomers can  provide their much-loved companions with love and a home. It is proven that pets help reduce blood pressure and stress levels and that pet owners tend to live healthier lives.

Boomer Pet

So many dogs and cats are known as mature pets. Mature pets are usually over 5 years old and have different needs than younger pets.

Diet, exercise and care are essential needs to the older pet.


Love your Pet

Your loving pet can be beneficial to you! Boomers and Seniors like to exercise, snuggle and relax with their pets which in return is healthful and creates love and warmth between the two.

Floating Cats

For your Pet

Esteemed Businesses treat your pets like family! The Boomer Gazette knows the benefit and recommends the following fine and caring businesses to help you care for your pet.

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