Maximum Slim

Why we love Maximum Slim.

Great taste, Can curb cravings


Both Hot Cocoa and Coffee are in measured packets.

Imagine coffee and tea that's good for you.

2. Hydrate: Tea's both detox and immunity are in

individual sachets and taste wonderful.

3. Delicious: Hot cocoa is delicious as a late evening treat I even put a little bit of whipped cream. Yummy.

4. Something for everybody. Everyone is on a special plan and they were so  many different choices whether you’re on Low carb, low fat, no sugar, Keto, Whole Food, Calorie Count, Specialty etc.


5. Maximum Slim has a remarkable product line that could suit anyone’s needs.

Maximum Slim is part of Boomer OM's 10 week Makeover Success plan which debuts late Fall 2020.



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