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Boomer Cooking 

How refreshing to cook for you and your spouse or just you alone.



Not cooking for a brood anymore makes us more details home chefs. Learning new skills such as International cooking, maybe another region in the United States cooking such as southern cooking or Cajun cooking.


Learning The fine art of chopping mixing.

Buy a new appliance  Explore with time savings products.


Image by Dan-Cristian Pădureț

Home Sweet Home


Home is where the heart is.

That long-ago expression holds dear to us today...and during these days of uncertainty especially with Boomers.

Boomer and Seniors are now spending more time at home...Home has become our sanctuary. Whether it’s cooking, redecorating watching more movies,

eating different food... your home is your palace.


Boomer Decorating

Get ready for the start of Boomer décor

Redecorating as a baby Boomer. We started out living with our parents, then went to college or to work. First moved in small apartments, then houses.

We decorated for our families. Now it’s our time to shine, experiment and explore with your own tastes and decorating.


One of my favorites is to use things are hidden gems in the garage that we haven’t seen in decades.Bringing them out and blending into the décor.

Easy Shopping

Shop with ease

Whether its your car serviced, new appliances, new BBQ, new furniture, window dressings, cookware, serve ware, cutlery and more, feel free to search the pages for things and services you love for great deals and pricing.


Businesses are added every day to the Boomer Gazette prestigious list.


The Boomer Gazette gives you the freedom to comparison shop without the guess-work. Selected businesses have been screened with you in mind.

We honor and respect your good taste!

Bodum Coffee

Easy Going

As Boomers, we watched our parents struggle with appliances that needed a PhD degree in engineering to use.


Nowadays with the flip of a button, you can air fry, brew, bake, grill, And everything in between.


Using Bluetooth or WiFi to cook is the newest way to save time.

Try air frying or 20-second cappuccino makers, cook a whole chicken in less than 40 minutes.


Small home appliances today can create lots of free time and give you more time to do the things you love.


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