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Boomer Gazette Premiere Community Leaders


Welcome to our Boomer Gazette community leader All-Stars.

If you and your business are dedicated to the well-being of the baby boomer and senior community, we would like to talk to you. Our prestigious local businesses are the backbone of our economy. We are the heart and soul of what makes America great. If you are a boomer and senior-friendly friendly business we would like to consider you to be on our exclusive team. 

We salute our all-stars!!



More and more baby boomers are "graduating" to Senior status. With this special status in our lives, in 2018, we are better than ever!We researched myriad of businesses provides the most superior services and merchandise with special discounts and savings.

Piggy Bank

First Rate Premiere
Our goal is to always provide value and savings with our
workshops and events. Our fun workshops include local businesses who present their information as part of the exciting theme for the day!

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Trusted Businesses are the keys to success. We promote all businesses, Senior Smart Approved Businesses, Hand Picked Affiliates,Local and Nationalas the cornerstone to our success.


​The Boomer Gazette will offer Boomers seasonal online meetings so they can get the bang for the buck is everything a Senior needs one workshop at a time.**



Let's celebrate and prosper in our health, wealth, wisdom to Seniors and Boomers' future, and to now! It is our great pleasure to help ou celebrate your second half. 


Cristi Rodda - Farmers Insurance

6360 Belleau Wood Ln, Ste 5

Sacramento, CA 95822

Phone/Text: (916) 428-4520 Fax: (916) 424-3668

Fair Auto Repair


17922 Gothard St #B1

Huntington Beach, California 92647

Award-winning Car repair Rated #1 for Seniors, Senior Specials
Rosanne Callens,
Career and Success Coach


Ascent Insurance Services

Neta Wenrick/Medicare Broker

949 390 3024

One of our most established Businesses with the Boomer Gazette!

Working together since 2007. Now that's dedication

Edvernor Burney

(949) 689-0854

Negative Ion Clothing and bedding

The importance of Negative Ions on physical and mental well-being-hospital burn victims have been treated successfully with negative ions. People living near natural waterfalls have a highly concentrated negative ion environment, live healthier and longer lives. Asthma and Allergies are alleviated or even cured in an atmosphere rich in negation ions.” but for Negative ion products,

Stephanie Jenkins 

Independent Life Changer.


Most established Business with the Boomer Gazette!Working together with Senior Community since 2009

Grateful Earth

Superfood coffee


Highly recommended Super Coffee


Our ever-growing list of all Star businesses. 
Check back with us often, with new business dedicated to you..
The Boomer generation


Schedule an interview today, online or by phone*.
Please note, each merchant and business is pre-screened to meet the highest criteria for the Boomer community. Our number one goal is to bring integrity to the Senior and Boomer community. We include a limited group of merchants and businesses per category. 
Your initial interview is not a guarantee for the Boomer Gazette. We will notify you within 24 hours if accepted.

Our interviews will be
on the phone or online only.
Thank you.

If you would like to be considered as a premiere Boomer and Senior friendly business with the Boomer Gazette, we would like to talk to you! Please send an Email to  or call us at 916.642.8522 and we will get back to you asap.

Interested in becoming a
Boomer Gazette Premiere Community Leaders

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*We take all your health and wellness
very seriously during these unprecedented times. Interviews via phone or online.

In California call us at 916.642.8522
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