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Boomer Fashion


We created the trends and transformed the designs
Back in the Swinging 60s we wore bell bottoms, we wore go go boots, we wore mini skirts.


We created trends in the 60s that defines the decade.  in the 1970s We wore hot pants, tie dyed everything and midis and maxis.


In the 1980s Shoulder pads came back and ripped jeans were hot.



But that was years ago now Boomers want to feel comfortable, be stylish and beautiful.


Image by Dan-Cristian Pădureț

Fashion section


OK Boomer. If you’re like me you want to look your best and spend the least.

Although I am not one to chase after designer labels I do know that looking my best means right close to most stylish and comfortable accessories.


At The Boomer Gazette, we offer you a phenomenal variety of clothing, purses, and great accessories. You can always look and feel your best and save a bundle to boot.



No matter what size you are beauty comes in every shape, size, and age.


Boomer Trends


Trendy yet stylish is what we go for in everyday fashion. Add some comfort and relax look and feel. and most important, wash it and wear it.

Today's trends are not our mother's go-to wardrobe. Back in the day, when personal shoppers were all the rage in the 80s, I remember thinking why in the world would anyone pay to have someone else opinion.

Being in the know with the best of fashion and sales is what we aim to present you.

Businesses that have the most important thing in mind.. YOU!

Fashion Prducts


In today’s modern world during today’s unprecedented happenings we still need to look and feel our best.


Going online offers a great alternative to shopping in stores.


At The Boomer Gazette, we pride ourselves on finding you the best sales and deals for the most quality fashion.


Why drive 20, 30 or 40 miles to interact with crowds and sales when you can shop in the comfort of your own home for the best deals. No matter what size you wear, we have a wonderful variety of clothing , shoes and accessories that can fit your budget and lifestyle.

You wear it so well!

Shop on your timeline, shop on your schedule.


The Perfect World

Designer looks, without the designer price tag? In a perfect world, possibly.

Watching our dollars best bet it to know when the sales are and how to shop seasonally.

HINT 1: Shop for the best pricing if you shop at the company that originates from Australia. You can pick out deeply discounted items for a fraction of a price.

HINT 2: Week before Thanksgiving can be a great online shopping time and still get discounts with rebates!

Hint 3: Try department stores clearance with  discount.

Hint 4: Try shopping a few days before big holidays. Sometimes the rebates and sale items are revealed way before Black Friday or Christmas shopping. Add to that rebates and percentage off and you will be styling!

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