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Farmers Insurance-Cristi Rodda
 "Making sense of Your Insurance Needs"

Cristi Rodda

Farmers Insurance

6360 Belleau Wood Ln,

Ste 5

Sacramento, CA 95822

Phone/Text: (916) 428-4520

Fax: (916) 424-3668 




Tired of being on hold with an 800#, or have insurance reps that don't call you back?  I have been trained for 17 years by a Baby Boomer on how to give personal, White Glove service to our wonderful clients.  We would love for you to check us out, join our Team, and see what true service means.  We are a local, small agency that loves insurance and will always go the extra mile to help our clients and friends to find the best products and work with every insurance need.  Our existing clients are over 50% boomers and seniors and we know how to treat our clients, especially our hard-working Boomers!  Reach out to us on Facebook, check out our website, and just give us a call or email to say "hi".  

I was raised in Elk Grove, worked in the Land Park area for over 18 years now, and live up here in Natomas with my husband and 2 sons.  I LOVE Sacramento and am very active in our Community.  I am on the Board of Directors for the Natomas Chamber of Commerce, The Sacramento Breakfast Optimist Club, and am involved in the Sacramento Association of Realtors scholarship committee, Finance and Affiliate Forum, and CanTree, raising funds for the Salvation Army.  

My Team is well connected in the community and rooted in Sacramento.  We will always help our neighbors and friends in any way we can.  We will always be here for you.  

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I love that my office is full of strong, powerful female


Insurance has been such a


profession, I’m proud to not only lead but to be part of such an amazing Team.

We just added 2 more Spanish-speaking reps to a total of 4 right now. 

We all take the love that we are able to assist and insure such a huge part of our community that has the right to have the best service and advice available here in Sacramento. 

We are real and ingrained in the Greater Sacramento area.  Steve Larson was my boss and mentor for 17 years before he chose me to continue his Legacy when he became ill.  He was an agent for 42 years and was involved in the Sacramento Association of Realtors Scholarship and Cantree Committees.  I stepped right up where he left off to fill some big shoes.  But his generosity and involvement inspired me to step in and even add a few of my own passions as well as diving in on my own:\

  • -SAR Finance and Affiliate Vice Chair

  • -SAR Cantree Committee member

  • -SAR Scholarship Committee

  • -SAR Marketing and Communications member (sub-committee:

  • pilot program to set up Influencers

  • to gather and disseminate information for the

  • association and community)

  • -Women’s Council of Realtors- member since 2020

  • -Sacramento Breakfast Optimist Club member and Board of Directors (supports the local youth

  • and underprivileged in the Sac area) since 2020

  • -Natomas Chamber of Commerce member since 2020, Board of Directors since 2022

I was raised in Elk Grove, and was pre-law since I was like 10 years old! I

went to UC Davis majoring in Political Science and accidentally got a minor in Philosophy and Comparative Literature. 

My parents got sick during my first year of law school. 

My father was a Dentist in Elk Grove and I had to help with the business.

  He and my mother passed away, and the business was sold,

I then needed a job to get my first house, so a realtor we were friends with, Barbara Harsch, said

“Steve, you need to hire Cristi, she’s great!”.  S

o that’s how I went from wanting

to protect people through Estate Planning as a Wills and Trusts attorney to

falling in love with insurance and finding my place in helping people protect

everything they have worked so hard for in life in the event of a severe accident or

death in the family.  I’ve been through it, and used my life experience from the age of 21

to guide clients that need my help.

I love to educate and advise my clients so they are comfortable and confident in their insurance protection. 

I always have seen Insurance as a shield that we place in front of us before anyone can go after

the things we have worked so hard to get: savings, homes, family. 

We hand-hold and try to make insurance fun. 

Insurance is weird, and we try to take

the stress and the worry from our clients each step of their lives from their first home, and first-child,

and gracefully ease their way into retirement. 

I live in Natomas currently, married for 20 years, I’m a BOY MOM with a

10-year-old and 5-year-old. 

My baby is just graduated from Preschool and is headed to Kinder in the Fall!!!


I LOVE going to Disneyland and Pismo Beach!  I’m a Star Wars and Marvel Nerd!  I like to blame that on my kids, but it’s all me!


Tips and Tricks-

  1. Fireline- get quotes early and often to make sure everyone is fully informed on eligibility and cost if you think a potential home may be in a high fire risk.  Try to avoid the CA Fair Plan, but it is there if needed.

  2. Flood Insurance- big changes in flood insurance recently.  Getting smarter and evaluating actual risk using satellites and new tech, instead of 50 year old maps.  This helps go more house to house than blanket mapping for risk.  Risk determines the premium.  We can play with deductibles and coverages to help with costs.

  3. Get a company that LEADS WITH DISCOUNTS!  If we can save you money upfront when we first speak with you, we can then work with your budget to cover what you care about.  Having a high deductible may be a bad day, but not having enough liability or no life insurance should the worst happen, makes for a potentially bad life.

-Discounts we go over:

-Packaging discounts- 25% off the home if we package with cars, and 15% off each car.  Life Insurance, umbrella, EQ.  Bundling is best!

  • Teachers, Firefighters, Realtors, Dentists.  DON’T STOP THERE!  When we ask about someone’s occupation, we don’t just end it with “I work for the State”.  There are discounts for licenses and degrees.  My husband works for the state, but he has a degree in IT!  That’s a scientist discount…BOOM 15% off my home AND each car! 

We are here for the long-haul and want people to know we are looking to save them money as well as protect their assets and everything they have worked hard for in life. Go the extra step, keep a client for life.I have clients that are 42-year clients in my agency. Do a good job, actively look to help people, and you create that kind of loyalty.

Mature Driver safety discount…10% off your primary car!  $15 bucks and one class saves drivers 55 and older 10% off for 3 years!  Since covid, they are almost all online, which is fantastic!

Annual Miles…covid.  Review your policies.  The insurance industry used to blanket rates by zip code, but again…insurance is getting smarter.  Instead of by area, they are now going by how much risk an actual driver is on the road.  I drive all over the place as part of the business.  Realtors, same thing.  So our miles are naturally going to be high.  But those out there are working from home, even part-time.  Review how many miles you have estimated on your cars, as that is one of the largest determination of rates.  The more you are on the road, the more likely you are to get into an accident.  Someone retired and not on the road as much should check in… their rates SHOULD BE lower than mine.  =)


Review your policies with someone you trust and LIKE.  Just like going to the dentist, if you make it fun and put people at ease, it is necessary, but can also be a pleasant experience.  =)

From Cristi's Podcast


Kimberly Z.


We are so pleased Cristi was able to take over the business from our previous agent upon his passing. The transition has been seamless and we are still receiving the great care and service we were accustomed to.

Cynthia M.


Cristi provided me with prompt, accurate information and did an excellent job of answering my questions and replying in a very timely manner.

Dominic W.


She does a great job and is very beautiful 

Fnu J.


Christi has been a gem of a person in all our interactions and is very responsive to all my insurance needs. I'm really glad I switched my auto and homeowners insurance to Farmers and completely trust Christi and her team to manage the process.

Michael S.


Cristi found us a policy that was better than our expiring one in both price and coverage, and then she worked to tailor it to meet recent upgrades in our kitchen and bath. She also found discounts for us as retired teachers. She was pleasant to work with and prompt in responding to questions. We highly recommend her! Mike and Anna

Michele F.


Cristi is amazing. She helped me protect my household during a difficult transition: move from my house to storage and an apartment, and again to my final destination. I highly recommend her!

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