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Jenkins Healthy Choices

Our products are designed to promote weight loss and increase energy. 
The VACIA TEA was scientifically formulated to gently and effectively cleanse the body of impurities. 
The VALE’30 Liquid Multiple Vitamins
Contains your daily dose of glucosamine to preserve joint health & provides 95% of your daily recommended intake of Vitamin D3 also packed with Vitamins B1, B12, B6 and so much more and it tastes DELICIOUS!
The FLARE is the ULTIMATE in energy, focus & clarity....High In Essential B Vitamins, Chromium, Selenium, Green coffee bean extract, Guarana and CoQ10.
The best Columbian coffee beans, the highest-grade CBD Infused into a new, delicious, smooth experience....All the taste and benefits of COFFEE with the cool, calm focus and well-being of CBD!


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