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Welcome to Your Boomer Gazette’s Directory

At your fingertips find anything you would like at deep discounts you need.

We are proud to include big-name branded items and local services, and products.

and our Local Community leaders

who provide you with specialized service with great deals and service

just hit the chat and we can help.


The Boomer Gazette

Community Leaders

Cristi Rodda - Farmers Insurance

6360 Belleau Wood Ln, Ste 5

Sacramento, CA 95822

Phone/Text: (916) 428-4520

Fax: (916) 424-3668


Fair Auto Repair

17922 Gothard St #B1


Huntington Beach, California 92647
Award-winning Car repair
Rate #1 for Seniors, Senior Specials
Empowering Life and Health
Edvernor Burney
Rosanne Callens
Career and Success Coach



Ascent Insurance Services

Neta Wenrick/Medicare Broker

949 390 3024

One of our most established Businesses with the Boomer Gazette!

Working together since 2007

Stephanie Jenkins 

Independent Life Changer.


Most established Business with the Boomer Gazette!Working together with Senior Community since 2009


MacroLife Naturals, Inc.
8477 Steller Drive
Culver City, CA, USA


Highly recommended with no caffeine! 

Great for Keto and Low card.

Super for fasting plans

Grateful Earth

Superfood coffee


Highly recommended super coffee

Skore Candles

(705) 242-2177

Soy Candles, pure and smell heavenly

Home and Food 

Healthy Lifestyle

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