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Beauty for mature skin involves much more than de wrinkling your wrinkles and age spots.
As skin grows older it becomes thinner, less resilient and much drier.


Older skin cells do not function as efficiently as young, healthy skin cells do due to the lack of estrogen and non-replenishment. Drying is the single largest skin problem among Seniors. Looking gorgeous and feeling beautiful at any age, is the key.


Image by Dan-Cristian Pădureț

Beauty section


 Hey Gorgeous!

You are in the prime of your life!



Always remember your beauty comes within. If you feel gorgeous on the inside, no doubt you will glow on the outside. Here at the Boomer Gazette, we have products to help you maintain your beauty and your glow.


Explore and save while you achieve the best you.

Try a new lipstick, use the new contactless blushes or foundations. Try a new color eyeliner.

Its makeover time!

Being in your fifties, sixties, seventies, and is where we have evolved. We are experts in all facets of who we are and where we are going! Let's be the best we can be...Today starts you on the road to the best second half.

Need a fabulous makeover
?? Want to get healthy and Fabulous?  Find your best beauty regime? Look and feel beautiful at any age? Feel Comfy and have fewer flashes, even during a heatwave? Want to have the perfect skincare especially for you? Love that Professional Makeup look and feel? Try NYX Professional Makeup. Want to wear the most stylish makeup-wise?  Save on bundle on sales without leaving your home? Bring your favorite department store beauty counter to you directly with the Boomer Gazette.  Look beautiful always.



With a Click    

We live in a different world than we did when we were teenagers in the 60s and 70s. With the click of a key we have the purchasing power than any generation before or after. We are thrilled to have department stores so prestigious. The best value in fashion, makeup, and skincare is offered via online and fast shipping. Get it on your schedule not anyone else's.

Smart savvy stores know Boomers are the most sought after shoppers!


So thank you to the shoppers and the stores.

Boomer Shopping


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At Boomers Gazette, you get the best of both worlds quality plus great sales equal a beautiful you. We have taken the guesswork out for you as a shopper and provided you with great sales plus well-known businesses. Even during these unprecedented times, why bother with limited shopping and curbside shopping versus the comfort and security of your own home. At The Boomer Gazette, every day is a sales day

It's your time to shine!

Beauty Products

Baby Boomer BEAUTIFUL    

Being a baby boomer means fresh and natural and being proud of who you are.

Some studies even show that the make up you were in high school and is still the make up you wear now.


So back in the 70s we were blue eye shadow in every single color navy mascara and lots of gooey lip gloss.


Baby Boomer FABULOUS
Five minute rule comes in

will you can apply your make upstarting with cleanser moisturizer,

foundation, blush eye make up lip pencil and lipstick all in less than five minutes.

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