Ask Coach Nan


Nan's Specialties

  • Senior Advocate

  • Master Marketer for Senior and Boomer communities

  • Certified Health Coach

  • Certified Yoga and Meditation Teacher​

  • Boomer Influencer

  • Master Senior Specialist​

  • Past Commissioner for West Sacramento Parks, Rec and Inter-generational Committee, Vice Chair 2016-2018​

  • Committee Commissioner for Age Advisory Board for West Sacramento 2016-2017​

  • Nationally Known Expert on Baby Boomers​

  • Extreme "Couponer"  Expert​

  • Extensive Senior & Boomer Workplace Experience


Topics to Ask

  • Anything Shopping related

  • How to create your own Boomer or Senior business

  • What kind of Yoga is best for Boomers

  • Where can i find news for Boomers

  • Where to buy the best pet for a Boomer

  • Where are the best deals on clothing

  • Where to find the best toys for the grand kids?

  • Where can i buy coffee in the pandemic

  • Best food delivery service

  • Where to get the best aromatherapy

  • What kind of Gift do Boomers crave?

  • and much more...

We do not offer any medical advice so please always talk to your Doctor or Health professional. Thank you