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Who We Are

Andy Pierce


Andy's Specialties

  • World Traveler

  • Senior Sports and Fitness expert

  • Advanced Vitamin and Supplement Advisor

  • Senior Influencer

  • Expert Sail enthusiast

  • Holistic Expert

  • Retired Experienced Seaman

Meet Andy


Senior Influencer Andrew V. Pierce was born and raised in the city by the bay, San Francisco. Andy is a true Baby Boomer born the first year of the Boomers.


For 10 years, Andy devoted himself as a merchants seaman traveling around the world. Andy spent over 34 years at UPS as a feeder driver and customer specialist.

As a Senior and Boomer himself, Andy has created a fun hands on approach to helping Seniors with his life experiences and saving money.


Andy is an avid sailor, knows how to maintain his weight, and is a sensational chef to boot.

Andy is hands-on with his no-nonsense approach to vitamins and supplements education, as he is in fit shape and works out every day.


In his spare time, Andy has been a sailing enthusiast for years and currently sails at the Lake Washington Sailing Club in West Sacramento and an animal lover, especially dogs.


Along with his devoted partner, Nancy, Andy continues to be a leader in the Senior Community.



Meet Nan


Senior Advocate and Master Marketer.

Meet Nan Levy your go-to marketing expert for all your business needs marketing the Senior and Boomer Community.

In  2007, Nan created the popular resource guide, SSG in Southern California which promoted a myriad of Senior friendly businesses with a high likable appeal to Seniors and Boomer.

With Nan’s high level and sought-after expertise, Nan can help Seniors and Boomers find Senior-friendly businesses with ease. With over 15 years as a Senior Advocate, Nan knows Boomers and Seniors.Being a Boomer herself, Nan, a shopping expert, extreme couponer"  and aficionado has worked with hundreds of businesses to create their definitive business. Nancy's referrals read like a who's who with Senior-friendly businesses.

Nan's Specialties

  • Senior Advocate

  • Master Marketer for Senior and Boomer communities

  • Certified Health Coach

  • Certified Yoga and Meditation Teacher​

  • Boomer Influencer

  • Master Senior Specialist​

  • Past Commissioner for West Sacramento Parks, Rec and Inter-generational Committee 2016-2018​

  • Committee Commissioner for Age Advisory Board for West Sacramento 2016-2017​

  • Nationally Known Expert on Baby Boomers​

  • Extreme "Couponer"  Expert​

  • Extensive Senior & Boomer Workplace Experience

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