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Your day just got better with complementary advice from one of the countries that sought out senior advocate and esteem shopping expert. Nan Levy has been a driving force for Boomers and seniors to save money and shop more efficiently.



At the concierge desk is Coach Nan. A certified master health coaching yoga instructor. She is a former commissioner for West Sacramento and she’s worked on intergenerational committees.



Coach Nan's specialty is yoga and meditation for Boomers and seniors helping to guide you with almost all aspects of boomer life shopping.



Including how to start a business when is the best time of the year and tails from much more this complimentary service can be found on the ask
Coachman webpage.

We are your go to for EVERYTHING Boomer

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More and more baby boomers are "graduating" to Senior status.

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We are your one-stop shop for everything Boomer.

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In 2023, our Boomer Directory with one-touch viewing. Pick your category and see what offers and savings you may be offered.

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Spring 2023

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If you have any needs not listed feel free to ask our Senior Specialist and Director, Anytime, 24/7.


Stephanie Jenkins 

Independent Life Changer.



Meet Stephanie Jenkins, the CEO/OWNER of Jenkins Health Wellness and Beauty.  Having had Thyroid Cancer and the removal of my Thyroid and 2 Parathyroid my weight was definitely a challenge.  I was introduced to some healthy all-natural products that changed my life literally.

Call Stephanie today for the best advice on how to stay healthy and happy as a Senior


Tired of being on hold with an 800#, or have insurance reps that don't call you back? 


I have been trained for 17 years by a Baby Boomer on how to give personal,


White-Glove service to our wonderful clients. 


We would love for you to check us out, join our Team, and see what true service means. 


We are a local, small agency that loves insurance and will always go the extra mile to help our clients and friends to find the best products and work with every insurance need.

  Ok Boomer!

So here we are. We were born the year after World War 2, 1946 through 1964. We have been called hippies,yippies, yuppies, and more.

Now that we are middle-aged, we work harder than at 35, we run companies,

we are active with organizations, we know the trends, we use electronics better than our kids and grandkids.

Yes, it is all about us. We've earned it and deserve it. We are Boomers and Seniors like you and know how hard we worked, raised kids and crave the best. 


The Boomer Gazette is your go-to information for the best deals. Up to the minute anything, think of us as your 24 hr personal shopper.


The Boomer Gazette advocates for the right of all boomers and seniors to receive the best in services and facilitates an atmosphere of trust and cooperation between receiving discounts and providing customer care. We will never use any third parties. Sign up with your name and email, nothing more. We want you to feel comfortable and secure like we want to. 

Are you living your best life? After 2 years of pent-up dreams and desires, boomers are rethinking their purpose and what makes them truly happy. I have been helping people find more energy and new perspectives for living their absolute BEST lives for over 20 years! Are you living your best life? As a life and career coach, I bring optimism, energy, and clarity for my clients who are struggling to find their “new normal” and who are motivated by a sense of urgency to do things they have always wanted to do, but just need a guide along the way. I’d love to connect and find a time to talk and hear more about you in a complimentary session.


Your own personal Stylist

for all your go-to Boomer

Beauty and Health. Boomer

ReNew is a complete

wellness and lifestyle

change program for Baby Boomers 55 Plus.

Personally designed, makeovers,body-positive affirmations, healthy weight management, meditation,

and sound therapy


We have researched a myriad of businesses that provides the most superior services and merchandise with special discounts and savings.

The Boomer Gazette is the definitive one-stop shop. Our privilege is to present you with your go-to for the best that Boomer life has to offer.

The Boomer Gazette is your personal go-to person. Here's to this golden time in our lives, a time to celebrate and prosper in our health, wealth, wisdom, and beauty..

We have updated Boomer News, Sales, and specials so you don't need to surf the web. Everything you want is in one place with one click. All our years of expertise are now your go-to. And don't forget to refer your friends and family to the Boomer Gazette.


Boomer Healthy


Get ready for the start of Boomer Healthy.

The absolute best you can be.

Whether it is learning to relax, healthy weight management, 

sleeping better, boosting your energy.

The number one goal is to be in the best prime is to educate Seniors and Boomers with healthy lifestyle changes. 

Macrolife Naturals is here!

Macrolife Naturals

Nutrition, health and fitness expert Sylvia Ortiz and leading chiropractor Dr. Edward Wagner created great-tasting Miracle Reds and Macro Greens as comprehensive nutritional supplements that provide nutrients, minerals, and energy. As Miracle Reds and Macro Greens have grown in success among consumers and retailers, Sylvia and Dr. Wagner have begun the development of new MacroLife Naturals products

5 Reasons to Try Grateful Earth


Our instant coffee is made from the best all-natural ingredients. Grateful Earth only sources coffee made out of specialty beans from some of the world’s greatest growing regions! The coffee beans we use are roasted to perfection and express the purest aroma and sweetness. Our instant blend of coffee has a rich and complex flavor that can’t be found anywhere else. 

Grateful Earth-Logo11.webp



Become your own success story with Senior Fasting

Join the most unique proven healthy

weight management system

for the Boomer and Senior Generation 55 PLUS.

Grab your appointment, sign up and gain immediate access to messaging sessions and membership.


17922 Gothard St #B1
Huntington Beach, California 92647

Southern California's Best Auto Repair
Bill and Cindy Girard
Preferred and award-winning
Auto repair for Seniors and Boomers

Fair Auto Repair

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